pam walpolepam walpole

water series

The Sunshine Coast waterways are a continuing source for my inspiration. Estuaries and stretches of coastline are continually changing. Erosion, flotsam, tide lines, tracks and often just small sections of the whole picture are what I like to portray. The tidal creeks and river reflections are a favourite and an ongoing challenge.

‘Taming the river’ – diptych, 2m x 1m,  mixed media on stretched canvas                          SOLD


‘Blue Lagoon III’  –  52 x 52 cms, acrylic on board

‘Flood plain’  – 62 x 62 cm,  acrylic on board


‘Midnight marina’  122 x 61cm,  mixed media on stretched canvas


‘Underwater Fantasea’ – triptych, 3m x 150cm, mixed media on stretched canvas.         SOLD


‘Red ripples’ – 106 x 50 cm  mixed media on stretched canvas